Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Everyone is fully aware of the inherent risks posed by fire damage, oftentimes within commercial settings this risk is greater as heavier, often ageing and more power hungry equipment is used.

The importance of a modern and properly maintained fire alarm system within these settings is paramount. Furthermore it is a legal requirement for business owners to carry out fire risk assessments in order ascertain and address any potential fire risks within their building(s).

ID Fire solutions are specialists in all aspects of commercial fire safety standards and equipment safety, we are able to carry out independent fire risk assessments and equipment testing in commercial buildings and are able to offer expert advice on the correct fire safety equipment to keep your property and staff safe. All our commercial fire alarm systems comply with stringent British safety standards and conform with all current legislations.

Types of commercial fire alarm systems

The two main types of commercial fire alarm systems on the market today are known as conventional and addressable systems. 

Conventional systems work by operating in zones. If smoke or fire is detected the alarm system is able to identify the location by displaying on the systems control panel which zone has been triggered, however as a zone could be set up as a whole area, such as the 1st floor of a commercial property, these systems are best suited to smaller commercial properties as they don’t pinpoint exactly where the fire or smoke has originated. In a smaller property this kind of system is fine as its far more cost effective than an addressable fire alarm system, however for larger buildings an addressable will need to be considered.

Addressable systems work by assigning each detection device within the system a unique address or location which is monitored from a central point, meaning that the detection of fire or smoke is far more accurate and can be pinpointed exactly. These types of systems are best suited to multi level, large commercial buildings and can provide invaluable information in fire detection.

As addressable systems are more accurate in fire location buy they are also more costly to install, however in a large commercial properties the early detection of fire could be paramount.

If you would like to discuss the options for fire detection within your commercial property then please contact us and ask to speak with one of our fire safety consultants, we are more than happy to offer impartial advice, we also offer a free site surveys should you require.